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We provide personalized
dreadlock services, offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind accessories and prioritize a customized experience of connection deeply seeded in mutual respect.

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Passionate about hair artistry, travel and living life to the fullest.

Hi! I'm erica!

My roots are in a conventional cosmetology background with mastery and
expertise in vivid hair coloring. These skills continue to serve me to this day.

After 10 years in the profession, I was presented with an opportunity to work in the dreadlock community. It was a profound and pivotal moment in my career and life. Being a dreadlock artist has allowed me to thrive and has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Some of my fondest memories have been when I provided dreadlock services in unique/alternative locations. Whether it’s been in nature, on beaches, in the dessert, or by waterfalls, I’ve been blessed with wonderful clients who’ve partnered with me to create and fulfill a vision of their crowing characteristic (their hair) in the most sacred of spaces. My goal in life and with Let Me Live Locs is to create more of these exceptional experiences.

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Roger is the goodest boy!

My partner in crime is my pup, Roger. Roger is my sweetest most handsomest man that is always there to greet and love on clients when they enter my private studio.

He accepts tips in snuggles, pets and treats!

It's the glitter for me.

I love adventure and Ignore the sage advice of TLC and definitely chase waterfalls! I am somewhat of a mermaid and I wear glitter and leave a trail of stardust everywhere I go. 

All joy, all the time.

I live life out loud and with joyous abandon. I highly recommend that you do, too!

Music is a source of energy and expression for me. For fun I sing and recently started performing live!

Erica is the most magical hair sorcerer ever. She does my dreadlock maintenance and gets creative with the hair colors! Recently my hair has thinned a lot due to vitamin deficiency and I was worried I'd loose a lot of my locs, but Erica worked her magic and saved my beautiful hair and gave me confidence again! She truly is something special.

Jamie JOnes

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serving philadelphia, the tri-state area and beyond

Whether you are beginning your dreadlock journey, maintaining your locs, or looking to add flare with extensions and accessories, Let Me Live Locs is here to assist openly. Let's create your dream hair together! 

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